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 patch 2.4

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Nombre de messages : 110
Date d'inscription : 06/07/2007

MessageSujet: patch 2.4   Dim 6 Jan - 5:55

No one there can confirm them but interesting priest changes. discuss.


- Sunwell Isle is available north of Eversong. It will contain numerous new daily quests and the Sunwell Grove, which is split into two instances: Magister’s Terrace (5-man wing) and Sunwell Plateau (raid wing).
- The Shattered Sun Offensive faction is available. Reputation can be gained with them through quests and killing mobs in Sunwell Grove.
- Shadowmoon Village and Wildhammer Stronghold now have reputations associated with them. Reputation can be gained through quests and killing most demon or humanoid mobs in Shadowmoon Valley.
- The limit for daily quests is being raised to 20.


- Badge-purchased resilience cloaks can now also be bought with honor.
- After two minutes with the Inactive debuff, players will be kicked from the battleground and be given the Deserter debuff.


- All ranks of Rebirth now require the same reagent, Life Seed. Life Seeds cost 5 silver and all other types of Rebirth reagents have been removed.
- All ranks of Gift of the Wild now require the same reagent, Wild Berries. All other types of reagent have been removed. Wild Berries cost increased to 10 silver.


- The magic dispel effect of Arcane Shot has been removed. Tranquilizing Shot now dispels magic effects as well as Frenzy effects.


- Righteous Fury can no longer be dispelled.


- Prayer of Fortitude (Rank 1) now requires a Sacred Candle.
- Hex of Weakness is being changed to Shadow Word: Weakness. Its effect remains the same.
- Feedback is being changed to Arcaneguard. It now gives the Priest three charges for 10 mins that burns attackers’ mana when they attack with spells.
- Touch of Weakness is being changed to Holyguard. It now gives the Priest three charges for 10 mins that reduce melee attackers’ attack power and attack speed. It is now a Holy tree spell.
- Shadowguard, Arcaneguard, and Holyguard are now considered “Guard” spells. Only one of these spells can be active on a Priest at any one time.
- Elune’s Grace can now be learned through a quest by all Alliance Priests. It can now be cast on allied players.
- Devouring Plague can now be learned through a quest by all Horde Priests.
- All Priests can now learn Desperate Prayer, Starshards, Shadow Word: Weakness, Symbol of Hope, Consume Magic, Shadowguard, Arcaneguard, and Holyguard from trainers.
- Lightwell is now available from trainers at level 40. The talent Chastise has taken its place.
- Symbol of Hope is now learned at level 63 and requires a Holy Candle.
- Consume Magic is now learned at level 61 and requires a Holy Candle.


- All Elemental Weapon Imbuements have had their duration increased to 1 hour.
- All Elemental Weapon Imbuements are now applied to weapons in a similar fashion to oils, sharpening stones, and rogue poisons. They still overwrite any temporary weapon enhancement.
- Rockbiter Weapon once again causes additional threat per hit.
- Windfury and Flametongue Totems have been removed. They have been replaced by Greater Windfury Weapon and Greater Flametongue Weapon, which allow you to imbue party members’ weapons for 1 hour through the trade window. Ranks and damage stay the same as the Totems.
- Greater Rockbiter Weapon and Greater Frostbrand Weapon are now available from trainers.
- The talent “Improved Weapon Totems” has been changed to “Improved Greater Imbuements.” It now increases the damage of all Greater Weapon Imbuements.
- Turn Elementals is now available from trainers at level 52. It will fear an elemental mob for up to 20 secs and has a 30 sec cooldown.
- Sense Elementals is now available from trainers at level 24.
- Earth Elemental Totem and Fire Elemental Totem have been removed. They are now replaced by Summon Earth Elemental and Summon Fire Elemental, which call forth the same elementals as before but can be controlled through a pet bar by the Shaman. They are subject to the same mana cost and cooldowns.


- New PvP-oriented flask recipes can be purchased.
- The new category of Detection Elixirs has been added. Elixirs that aid in stealth, stealth detection, or tracking fall under this category and only one Detection Elixir can be active at any one time.


- Armorsmithing has been subcategorized. Armorsmiths may specialize into Mailsmithing, Platesmithing, or Shieldsmithing. Each have two types of armor that can be upgraded three times.


- New non-fishing recipes are being added between 275 and 300 skill.


- The recipe for Weapon: Greater Spirit can now be bought from Ogri’la at revered reputation.
- The recipe for Weapon: Lightshock now drops from the Maiden of Virtue in Karazhan. It increases holy and nature spell damage.
- Recipes with Maple Seed or Stranglethorn Seed have had their mats converted to Life Seed.


- The pattern for a 28 slot Khorium Toolbox is available from the Consortium at revered reputation.
- The patterns for Red Smoke Flares are available from the Skyguard and Blue Smoke Flares are available from Ogri’la at revered reputation.
- The pattern for Fishing Lines, which grant fishing poles a bonus to fishing skill, can now be learned from trainers.


- The pattern for a 28 slot Herb Bag is available from Cenarion Expedition at revered reputation.


- Recipes for epic trinkets now drop off certain final bosses in heroic dungeons.
- The recipe for Durable (+heal/+resilience) gem cuts is now available and bought with honor.


- A new recipe is available from Grand Master leatherworking trainers to make a 24 slot Assassin’s Bag to hold Rogue poisons, reagents, and vials.
- Certain ethereals in Netherstorm are rumored to have a pattern for 28 slot Assassin’s Bags.


- Mana and Wizard Oils no longer have charges. They now stack to 20.
- The Goblin Mining Helmet is now BoE, Cloth, requires level 35, and requires a Mining skill of 205 to wear.
- Finkle’s Skinner is no longer a dagger and now unclassified (like the standard Skinning Knife), allowing all classes to equip it.
- Zulian Slicer is no longer a sword and now unclassified, allowing all classes to equip it. It is now also a main hand weapon.
- Archmage Vargoth’s Staff can now only be used in Netherstorm.


- The “Crew Under Fire” questline in Azshara has been expanded.
- New quests available at Ghost Walker Post.
- New heroic and non-heroic mode quests are being added for Magister’s Terrace.

User Interface

- The combat log has received various improvements.

World Environment

- A new town, Fallen Pine Lodge, is now in northern Azshara. It will be run by Furbolgs who will offer new quests and a neutral flight path.
- New Alliance flight path available at the Harborage.
- New Horde flight paths available at Ghost Walker Post and the Bulwark.
- New neutral flight paths available at Aeris Landing and Shattered Sun Post.
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Nombre de messages : 110
Date d'inscription : 06/07/2007

MessageSujet: Re: patch 2.4   Dim 6 Jan - 5:58

J'ai lu que le pretre si c'est vrai, sur une echelle de 1 a 10 je dirais que notre up se situe a 11 lol!
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Nombre de messages : 340
Localisation : Somewhere else
Date d'inscription : 10/07/2007

MessageSujet: Re: patch 2.4   Dim 6 Jan - 6:55

Des rires et des pleures en perspective sur wow europe je sens...
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Nombre de messages : 369
Age : 32
Localisation : Bruxelles
Date d'inscription : 07/03/2007

MessageSujet: Re: patch 2.4   Lun 7 Jan - 9:34

si non ya :

Lightning Overload now has a 4 second hidden cooldown.
Enhancement talent Mental Quickness now also reduces the cooldown of all shocks by 0.5/1/1.5 seconds.
Earth shield now has a 50% chance to resist dispel. In addition, Earth Shield will now count as 3 seperate charges and each successful dispel will only remove 1 charge. Also, whenever an Earth Shield charge is dispelled, the target which originally had the buff will be healed for half of the healing value of that charge over 6 seconds.
Tremor Totem now does 2 damage to nearby party members on each of it's pulses in addition to it's original effect. (Removes sheep, blind, etc) <-- Totally useless if the sheeped or blinded party member is shielded, lol

Avec toutes ces maj je rox en anglais Smile

ps : jor la maj quoi
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Nombre de messages : 32
Age : 29
Localisation : jura suisse
Date d'inscription : 01/07/2007

MessageSujet: Re: patch 2.4   Sam 12 Jan - 5:20

it's just a fake I think...The priests are allready to cheat, and if blibli do this up about the priests, we are going to eat a lot XD

nothing about the warlock...

(j'exerce mon anglais lol)
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MessageSujet: Re: patch 2.4   

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patch 2.4
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